The Touch Wars…

It just seems like yesterday when it was a case of if you had a Nokia 3310 or a Samsung R220 (popularly referred to as blue face) mobile phones, you were “da bomb!”. But waking up and smelling the freshly brewed coffee, times have long changed. Nowadays touch devices rule the gadget-place, whether for efizzy or productive functionality.

iPhone 4Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Reloaded

Market leaders for this sector remain Apple (iPhones,iPads) and Samsung Mobile (Galaxy S II | Galaxy Tabs 7.0″ & 10.1″), with a host of other touch device manufacturers out there. It’s literally now commonplace to see people with touch devices albeit all most of them might do with the devices is a maximum of placing and taking a call with some exceptions of SMS messaging. No jokes! You will be shocked!!!

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