Kick-Ass 2: What I Thought!

What I Thought!

Kick-Ass-2-reviewDirected by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass was a breath of fresh air at a time superhero movies reigned supreme. Every superhero was trying desperately for a Nolan-reboot but Vaughn took a different route with Kick-Ass. Its dark and sick comedy infused with exaggerated violence and high-schoolers made for an amusing watch. I’d read the Mark Millar & John Romita Jr comics but never thought it’d be so violent, I just wasn’t prepared to watch it unravel onscreen. Despite my indigestion of the violence, its still one of my favorite movies.

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The Anime Exchange Group – Not Just A Group

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Are you a lover of japanese animations like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Kenichi, Hajime no Ippo, Code Geas, GUNDAM etc.? A consistent reader of the mangas? Or even have any interest in Comics, Animations, Movies, Games and other leisure material in digital format? If you are but yet not member of the ever increasing Anime Exchange Group then i strongly suggest you become one unless you suffer serious agoraphobia.
In case you are attempting to make hasty derogatory assumptions, the Anime Exchange group consists of brilliant individuals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, health care professionals, IT specialists, Architects and people from other noble professions who all just share the hobby of indulging into watching anime. So don’t worry, they are eons far from jobless.

The most interesting event organised by this group is the Swap meetings, scheduled at least twice a year, where members converge at a predetermined venue, carrying along with them…

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Musings From A Rooftop

Thoughts From A Maverick's Perspective

“Being obstinate is part of human nature. Even when we know the truth, telling it to ourselves is one of the most difficult things for a person to do.”

I’m sitting here, wondering how far I’ve come; how much I’ve learned. Telling myself the truth would, more often than not, save me a lot of trouble. If anyone should have learned that by now, it should be me. My life has been a map drawn from the many errors that’ve left enough hair line cracks across the face of my soul to trace my mistakes into a recognizable pattern.

But do I learn from them?

Drawn to dysfunction, I seem to find myself in the same position, manifested in different manners. In the midst of the smoke I see the red lasers. The alarms in my head go off when I trip them. To run or not? Remains to be…

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Far Cry 3: What I Thought!

What I Thought!

Far Cry 3 Review
Far cry 3 puts you in the shoes of Jason Brody and into the massive Rook Islands. You and your friends ends up in the hands of a group of pirates led by the insane Vaas Montenegro who murders your brother in cold blood. Fed with vengeance, you hunt and kill your way up the very hostile yet paradisaic Rook Islands. The plot is nothing game-changing, but its super cool nonetheless. It ploughs you forward through the campaign.

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I feel your pain bro and actually share in it! DSTv has to come up with a better way to resolve subscriptions by customers. Just like you and somany others out there, each time I re-suscribe, I always have to spend my phone credit on their bloody customer care line that should be toll free by the way, through a rather annoying series of IVR messages. Why can’t I just Press “0” to be offered better continual and consistent service?.

In a nutshell and not to further get provoked by this issue, a change is needed where DSTv is involved….like many other things in this country.

The Kaleidoscope

So, I am currently staring at this an E-16 message for the second time in 3 days, and missing the football, and not getting the service, despite paying before the expiry date.

It would have been understandable if this was a one-off. But it isn’t. This is the third or fourth month in a row that this has happened. Every month, I get cut off twice, without fail. Every month, I pay before it expires. Every month, I have to spend unnecessary time on the phone trying to get the issue resolved, and I am sick of it.

This has nothing to do with the prices, or the content, or whatever. This has to do with something that is the foundation of customer service: people should get what they pay for, when they pay for it. The fact that DSTV is unable to do this (anymore) tells me something is…

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