Great words from a friend. -Uchivelli

The Life and Times of a Psalmist


It was a cold night (5th of December 2013), I came home very tired after a very busy day. It must have been about midnight when my phone rang loudly, waking me up from a very deep sleep. It was my good friend -Oghene, so I picked up, barely hearing his voice…he said “ Hey Velli, whats up?, Mandela has passed on!, its on CNN…” I managed to mutter “ thanks bro” in a very drowsy voice as I ended the call. A light wave of some sort went through my entire body like an electric shock as I realized what I just heard…. I couldn’t believe it at first…I checked my twitter and facebook accounts on my phone and to my greatest shock, tributes to Madiba were already flooding in. I rushed to the sitting room, switched on the telly……and on CNN, there it was….a repeat broadcast of President…

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