Play an enormous game of Angry Birds on the world’s largest Android tablet [Ojoro!!!]

If even 10″ tablets are too small for you, then this comparatively gargantuan 65″ slate may suit your taste better. Developed by Istanbul-based company Ardic, what could be the world’s largest Android tablet is a touchscreen high-definition LCD with support for basic gestures like scrolling and pinch and zoom. The LCD isn’t a full-fledged tablet, however — it still needs to be controlled by a dock-connected 10″ Honeycomb slate made possible by modifying Android to support 1080p high-definition output.

Once connected to the smaller tablet, the 65″ giant works like any other Honeycomb device out there, including the capacity to play games like Fruit Slice as the developer demonstrates on the video above. Right now, the display can only recognize two-finger input but Ardic plans to incorporate multi-touch input soon. While it still depends on another device to work, the gigantic tablet has features akin to other slates on the market like front and rear cameras, a microSD card slot, and even 3G and wifi internet connectivity.

As Engadget puts it, this isn’t just another crazy prototype. The company is marketing the product as an alternative to touch-enabled interactive white boards called Smart Boards, and is already in talks with some customers from the education and business sectors.

[via Engadget]


2 responses to “Play an enormous game of Angry Birds on the world’s largest Android tablet [Ojoro!!!]

  1. Ogini!!! And the guy actually said ’65” tablet’? You need a crane to carry that around! That device is an android enabled TV but they forgot to add the NTSC and PALcircuitry…Geez

    • Lmao!!! I was seriously trying to think of reasons one should get this,The tv device might be similar to those equally huge ones in the marketplace like the Samsung 40″ Internet TV thats absolutely fantastic by the way. Though the android tv tab might have 3G and wifi but aesthetics wise, I feel it loses….[]. I’ld rather put my money to better use than getting this! You just captioned it correctly by saying “…That device is an android enabled TV…”. LOL!!!

      I guess its only “perceived” advantage is that you can dock your android Tab to it…But then, the question to me remains…How universal is the port for the dock??? Especially when tab manufacturers release tabs with propriety ports.

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