The Touch Wars…

It just seems like yesterday when it was a case of if you had a Nokia 3310 or a Samsung R220 (popularly referred to as blue face) mobile phones, you were “da bomb!”. But waking up and smelling the freshly brewed coffee, times have long changed. Nowadays touch devices rule the gadget-place, whether for efizzy or productive functionality.

iPhone 4Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Reloaded

Market leaders for this sector remain Apple (iPhones,iPads) and Samsung Mobile (Galaxy S II | Galaxy Tabs 7.0″ & 10.1″), with a host of other touch device manufacturers out there. It’s literally now commonplace to see people with touch devices albeit all most of them might do with the devices is a maximum of placing and taking a call with some exceptions of SMS messaging. No jokes! You will be shocked!!!

Now onto the main event: Android or iOS viz-a-viz any tablet at all running the Android OS VS the iPhone or iPad. Tough one you might ponder…wait only a techy will ponder such as the default option to the common user will most likely be the iPhone or iPad device.

I write with the bias of a techy. For me, the android platform wins the skirmish. Why? The facts speak for itself (note i’m uberly biased towards the android platform). Some factors are against the Android movement (the samsung Galaxy Tab). Such factors include (the number of apps in the android market whether free or paid comes no where close to number of apps in the Apple store, Law suits being thrown from all angles by Apple, suits claiming novelty over device aesthetics, as if such devices can be made any differently.

iPad 2Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

 Although Apple is the undeniable leader in tablet production still, a new survey shows that Android has at least one fifth of the market now.

Another study pins Apple on top of the worldwide tablet market share leader board, but Google’s Android has gained considerable ground.

Technology market intelligence firm ABI Research reports that Android-based tablets have grown to nab 20 percent of the market away from the iPad in the last year.

ABI points out that not a “single vendor using Android (or any other OS) has been able to mount a significant challenge against” the iPad. This fits in accordingly with a study from iSupplipublished last week, which argued that tablet manufacturers have not been able to compete with the iPad’s design.

The links below exist to better furnish you with intel regarding the heat Samsung is facing;

The Galaxy Tab to me is just the ‘ish’ because of its obvious android platform.. freedom to do so much, you will find apps in the android market that are free but in the Apple store those same apps will be paid though the might be really cheap…close to peanuts but still paid!.

Android for life!!! 😀


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